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Yoga in Hayle

Gwyn Saxton Yoga Instructor

Try your first class for £6



Hatha yoga classes for all ages and abilities, with group or private classes available in and around St Ives and Hayle, £6 per session or 6 classes for £30


Yoga is a grounding practice which will still and focus the mind, improving not only flexibility but balance and coordination. It will work to strengthen muscles without pressurising the joints. Yoga connects the mind and body, improving awareness and so avoiding overuse and injuries. It is beneficial for rehabilitating damage, recovering from surgeries and Repetitive Strain Injuries. Yoga supports all other sports - Come along for a session, all equipment is provided!


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Where to find us

Where to Find Us

Passmore Edwards Institute, 13 - 15 Hayle Terrace, TR27 4BU

Free Parking all around the building



Passmore Edwards Institute, Hayle, TR27 4BU \\ Tel: 07815945695

£6 per session or 6 classes for £30

Due to Covid 19, timetables are changing as venues close and open again, or don't, or do in different places or times!

Please ring me therefore on


01736 945695

Thank you,


Great teacher with many years of experience. Definitely recommend her classes!

Tom Austin - Ashtanga teacher, Berlin

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Passmore Edwards Institute, Hayle, TR27 4BU \\ Tel: 07815945695

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